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Vetoquinol Care - Energy |

Manufacturer: Vetoquinol

Seller: TotalVita BV

Vetoquinol Care - Energy - 120 Gr |

Vetoquinol Care - Energy - 120 Gr


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Vetoquinol Care Energy is a gel full of calories and vitamins with a tasty fish flavour. It is a low in protein, rich in energy animal feed supplement for dogs and cats. Care Energy is readily ingested thanks to its tastiness, even when animals have less appetite. This makes it the ideal support for weakened or sick animals. The presence of vitamins and minerals is also beneficial for active animals. Animals receiving too few vitamins and minerals can replenish their shortages quickly. Energy also stimulates the appetite and increase the absorption of nutrients.

Indications: animals that have to deliver top performance.. animals lacking vitamins or minerals.. support after illness or surgery.. preventing conditions associated with a lack of nutritional ingredients.. exhaustion..

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