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Drontal Dog


Drontal Dog

Manufacturer: Bayer Healthcare (Animal Health)

Seller: Esscentuals BV

Drontal Dog Tasty up to 10 kg - 6 Tablets

Drontal Dog Tasty up to 10 kg - 6 Tablets


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£17.61 £15.32*

Drontal Dog Tasty up to 10 kg | 2 tablets

Drontal Dog Tasty up to 10 kg | 2 tablets


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Drontal Large Dog Flavour - 2 tabl

Drontal Large Dog Flavour - 2 tabl


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Dosage: The recommended dose rates are: 15 mg/kg bodyweight febantel, 14.4 mg/kg pyrantel and 5 mg/kg praziquantel. This is equivalent to 1 tablet per 10 kg (22 lbs) bodyweight.

Puppies and Small Dogs:

3-5 kg bodyweight       = ½ tablet
>5-10 kg bodyweight     1 tablet

Medium Dogs:

>10-15 kg bodyweight     = 1 ½ tablets
>15-20 kg bodyweight     = 2 tablets
>20-25 kg bodyweight     = 2 ½ tablets
>25-30 kg bodyweight     = 3 tablets

Large Dogs:
>30-35 kg bodyweight     = 3 ½ tablets
>35-40 kg bodyweight     = 4 tablets

For oral administration, the tablets can be given to the dog or disguised in food. No starvation is needed before, or after, treatment.

Puppies should be treated at 2 weeks of age and every 2 weeks until 12 weeks of age. Thereafter they should be treated at 3 month intervals. It is advisable to treat the bitch at the same time as the puppies. Not for use in dogs weighing less than 3 kg.

For the control of Toxocara, nursing bitches should be dosed 2 weeks after giving birth and every two weeks until weaning.

For routine worm control adult dogs should be treated every 3 months.
For routine treatment a single dose is recommended.

In the event of heavy roundworm infestation a repeat dose should be given after 14 days.
Composition: Active Constituents         mg per tablet

Febantel                          150.0
Pyrantel embonate           144.0
Praziquantel                     50.0


Artificial beef flavour irradiated     116.5
Side Effects: No Info Available
Warning: As a precautionary measure to prevent the establishment of Echinococcus multilocularis in the UK and Ireland, it is recommended that all dogs and cats entering the country be treated with praziquantel.

Fleas serve as intermediate hosts for one common type of tapeworm – Dipylidium caninum. Tapeworm infestation is certain to reoccur unless control of intermediate hosts such as fleas, mice etc is undertaken.
Packaging: Container:           Aluminium foil blister or polyethylene-coated aluminium blister
Container colour: Silver or white coloured
Container sizes:   Cartons containing 2,6,8, 24, 104 and 108 tablets
Package Insert: This information is a summary of the administration instructions. Before application please see the full product documentation or visit Veterinary Medicines Directorate

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