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Canikur Pro


Canikur Pro
Canikur Pro - 15 ml

Canikur Pro - 15 ml


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Canikur Pro - 30 ml

Canikur Pro - 30 ml


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Dosage dosage for puppies and dogs:
? 10 kg: 2 ml twice daily.
10 to 25 kg: 4 ml twice daily.
25-40 kg: 6 ml twice daily.
> 40 kg : 8 ml twice daily.
Use Canikur Pro as long as necessary or as recommended by the veterinarian to the natural balance of the intestinal flora to strengthen and maintain during periods of stress, antibiotic treatment or other times when the intestinal flora can be disrupted .
Composition ingredients: Soybean oil, inactivated yeast, vegetable protein hydrolyzate, glucose, sodium chloride. Additives: Enterococcus faecium (NCIMB) E1707: 5 x 10 CFU per kg, Montmorillonite E 558: 22%, artificial and natural identical meat flavor.
Side None
Warnings No
Studies in pregnant and lactating queens are not executed.
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