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Pulvex Spot On


Pulvex Spot On

Manufacturer: MSD (Intervet)

Seller: TPC BV

Pulvex Spot-on - 6 pipettes

Pulvex Spot-on - 6 pipettes


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Dosage Dosage Dog:
Up to 15 kg: 1 ampoule between the shoulder blades drip on.
15-29 kg: 1 ampoule between the shoulder blades and 1 ampoule spread on the base of the tail.
From 30 kg: 1 ampoule between the shoulder blades, 1 ampoule at the base of tail, and 1 ampoule in the middle of the back spread. Apply the product directly on the skin.
Composition Contains 65% permethrin w / w.
Side Effects Local irritation at the injection site are possible.
poisoning symptoms may also occur such as muscle tremors, ataxia, vomiting, seizures, recurrent muscle twitches.
Warning : Special warnings for dogs
may attachment of single ticks.
Do not use near aquariums or water surfaces, product is toxic to fish.
Avoid contact with skin, fingers and eyes of humans and animals avoid.
Not simultaneously with other insecticides such as pyrethroids , Organophosphorverbindingen or carbamates are used.
Explore the package insert.
Packaging Pack of 6 vials.
Package Insert The information shown here is a summary of the package insert. Before you use, be sure the complete instructions of the product. You can also view
online on the website of the manufacturer or importer.

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