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Manufacturer: AST Farma

Seller: OTC health BV

Otimectin Gel - 10 g

Otimectin Gel - 10 g


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Dosage: Posology
For local administration in the external ear canal.
Fill the external ear canal with the product. This provides a dose of approximately 1 gram of the veterinary medicinal product (equivalent to 1 mg ivermectin) per ear. Massage gently for even distribution by pressing from the outside on the auricle.
Repeat administration after 7 days and 14 days.
A further veterinary examination after treatment is recommended as it may be necessary to repeat or reconsider the treatment.Directions for use
Rinse or clean the ears before using the product.
Both ears should be treated.
Composition: Each g contains
Active substances:

Ivermectin: 1 mg
Side Effects: No Info Available
Warning: All the cats housed together should be treated simultaneously against Otodectes cynotis infestation. Other receptive companion animals (dogs, ferrets) in the household should be treated as well with another suitable product when the presence of ear mite is detected and confirmed.
Packaging: Tube consisting of aluminium with an external coating of white polyurethane and an internal coating of epoxy resin and a screw cap of polyethylene containing 10 gram gel.
Package Insert: This information is a summary of the administration instructions. Before application please see the full product documentation or visit Veterinary Medicines Directorate

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