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Indoor-X bug spray


Indoor-X bug spray

Manufacturer: Virbac

Seller: F & C BV

Indoor-X suroundingsspray - 400 ml

Indoor-X suroundingsspray - 400 ml


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Dosage The product is suitable for the spraying of crevices, cracks, holes and other places where insects usually hide.
The effect lasts for 4-6 weeks after the spraying.
Exhaustive Flohbafall the product should be taken once in month 3 months, and 4 are plotted time in a year as prophylaxis.
reading the instructions.
Composition Active ingredient: 0.25% permethrin and tetramethrin 0.05% per ml
Side Effects No.
Warning Not be used in areas where children spend 0-4 years.
apply only in certain places to avoid direct contact with food.
Not eating during use, drink or smoke.
not breathe spray.
Avoid contact with skin.
Extremely flammable.
Look the leaflet to.
Packaging 400 ml spray can
Package Insert The information shown here is a summary of the package insert. Before you use, be sure the complete instructions of the product. You can also view
online on the website of the manufacturer or importer.

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