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Dolthene orale suspension - 100 ml

Dolthene orale suspension - 100 ml


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Dosage: Administration: orally, directly into the mouth or on the food. Dosage: 10 mg oxfendazole per kg of body weight per day, for 3 consecutive days. This is equivalent to 1 ml per 2.65 kg L.G. Shake well before use. Syringe after each use clean.
Composition: Contains per ml 22.65 mg oxfendazole.
Side effects: None known.
Warnings: for local hypersensitivity reactions occur, the application direct skin contact should be avoided.
therefore, wear gloves.
not apply at the beginning of pregnancy, can be safely used in the last 14 days of gestation.
the product can be used safely the first one the lactating bitch.
leaflet: information shown here is often a summary of the leaflet.
Always consult the full package insert of the product.
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